Sunday, 1 June 2014

The back to back factor

I've never watched X Factor television talent contest but have heard about some of the contestants from 'water cooler' talk at work.

Today we were offered discounted tickets to attend a concert of the X Factor Australia winner (Dami Im) and the X Factor Israel winner (Rose Fostanes) at the Sydney Town Hall.

Apart from a deafening sound level it was quite an enjoyable concert. Im is a real talent and has obvious potential for stardom. Fostanes, although obviously inexperienced in filling the gap between songs with a line of catchy 'patter', has a strong voice and I imagine a future in music but not necessarily in the longer term as a 'star'.

As a school boy I used to attend the Sydney Town Hall for the annual Speech Days but this was the first time I have attended a concert there. The Town Hall certainly certainly is an atmospheric venue.

Audience assembling in the Town Hall
A distant Dami Im spotlit on stage

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