Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Laptop crackpot

(from Dave Does The Blog)

How I feel this evening.

I spent the best part of four hours this afternoon assisting a friend to obtain satisfaction from the Dell support service. To put it bluntly her Dell laptop was 'cactus'. My friend could neither shut the laptop down nor restart it effectively nor could she access the internet or email even though the modem and the wireless connection were working.

No doubt my friend must take some of the blame as she unknowingly clogged the laptop with all manner of useless and possibly dangerous files but I have to say I wouldn't take possession of a Dell product even if it was offered to me for free on the evidence of her experiences. It didn't help that my friend took advice dispensed on ABC local radio last week to safeguard the security of her data - advice that she didn't really understand - and pressed four buttons which supposedly would permanently delete some unwanted documents but which instead seems to freeze everything.

To top off my frustrations I came home to find that Tradies, about to perform major maintenance on my apartment building, have dumped their heavy equipment in front of my garage without giving me any notice and completely blocked my access to it.

On the bright side though, my friend's laptop is now working again (but I no longer care).


  1. I've helped people in the past with computers, but no more. The first thing that happens is that when you sit down and look at it, it is set up very differently to how yours is set up, and then adapted to your convenience.

    The tradies did not ask, or the body corp did not not tell them where they could park? Not good enough.

    1. Andrew, if it wasn't that this friend has health and family abandonment issues affecting her I would be reluctant to get involved. In a friendship lasting more than 40 years I am loathe to turn my back on her requests for help.

      I haven't got to the bottom of the other matter as yet.

  2. Victor, Laptops sometimes don't work properly, I know it personally but I prefer them to PC. What's your opinion?

    1. I have a laptop and find it more convenient than a PC Gosia but there is an issue of the ergonomic problems with them when your head and neck are always looking down on the screen.