Sunday, 16 March 2014

The Monuments Men

A small unit of art related experts is recruited into the army to accompany the Normandy landings in 1944 with the task of recovering artwork stolen by the Nazis for return to their lawful owners.

'The Monuments Men' is based on true events. George Clooney is the Director, a co-Producer, a co-Writer and the leading actor in the film. I suggest that this was at least one role to many for George. To paraphrase Groucho MarxGeorge Clooney has made a great movie....but this wasn't it.

The story of the stolen artwork and the efforts to recover it from its hiding places on the face of it should make for an interesting film but unfortunately this one is a dud. Scenes intended to portray tense situations lack tension, scenes of superficially humorous situations lack humour and despite a talented cast none of them engaged me sufficiently to care for their characters.

Scenes pass by like a series of barely connected vignettes. Are the soldiers concealed in the bushes friends or foe? I couldn't tell. A Christmas scene seems completely misplaced. I think George aimed high but the outcome falls short.

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  1. Victor, I think it's worths watching it and I think I will go to the cinema watch it. In Poland is accessible since 28 th February.