Monday, 31 March 2014

So so


So so. That's how I've been feeling since last Thursday evening.


I've had a recurrence of my Meuniers like symptoms although, according to two doctors, I am not a Meuniers sufferer.

What am I experiencing? Shaky vision where what I see jumps (jerks?) from side to side. What else? Some vertigo. Anything else? Some imbalance standing still and whilst walking. No I am not experiencing all three at the same time and not any one of them all of the time but combinations of the three on and off since last Thursday. Especially in the evening.

It is a return of what happened to me back in June 2009 following a flight from Brisbane to Sydney. I suffered some sort of inner ear damage or disturbance and these symptoms followed two days later. The symptoms were very severe and I ended up in hospital for three days.

But the doctor and a specialist both assured me the symptoms would eventually disappear completely. They haven't done so this far. I suffered them, in very mild form at least weekly right through to about eight weeks ago.

It was then I started seeing a Physiotherapist and her work on me brought the best relief I have experienced. I was almost thinking she had 'cured' me of these symptoms so their sudden return is most disappointing. I'm not sure why they have returned but one reason could be the Manly ferry trip I took last Thursday. As we passed by the Heads (the gap opening to the Tasman Sea) the ferry, as it usually does at that point, rocked wildly from side to side through the incoming waves. As it did so, I kept my eye fascinated on the horizon as it dipped out of sight then rose to almost completely cover the window.

Maybe my fixated stare at that moment induced some fresh disturbance in my inner ear?

Anyway I am counting the days till the symptoms abate. Even typing this has had my head/eyes spinning. It is not pleasant.

By the way, the photo above has nothing to do with me. I simply Googled Images for 'Shaky vision' and this photo was one it retrieved. I thought the couple looked so cute I used the image anyway.


  1. Victor, there is no need to over explain why you refused to meet us when we visited Sydney.

    I wonder if you are correct about the ferry trip. For me it is the most exciting part. Will you persist with the physio?

    1. I agree that passing the Heads is an exciting part of the ferry trip. I'm musing that the exaggerated rolling movement disturbed my inner ear but I could be completely wrong. I will keep seeing the Physio as she is doing some good work regardless of whether she has the ability resolve my balance issues.

  2. Victor I hope so your inner ear is well now.

    1. There is some improvement Gosia but the problem comes and goes still.

  3. I hope you're feeling better Victor?!

    1. Yes I am feeling better Evol. I've seen the Physio in the meantime and her magic hands have improved things for me.