Sunday, 9 March 2014

Le Week-End

A British couple travel to Paris to celebrate their thirtieth wedding anniversary. So accustomed and comfortable are they in each other's company that endearments and criticisms are exchanged in equal measure without any disruption to the flow of their relationship or activities. Both are in a reflective mood and neither is happy with what they see especially once they find themselves invited to a dinner party.

'Le Week-End' presents this as a drama with humorous touches. Jim Broadbent and Lindsay Duncan are at times irresponsible and irritating yet they remain believable and endearing as a couple who continue to endure the ups and downs of a long term relationship. Jeff Goldblum is the poncey, over the top intellectual full of faux self deprecation whose dinner party - attended by similarly snobby dinner guests - sparks the resolving realisation in Broadbent and Duncan's future.

The film has delicious glimpses of Paris and of Parisian restaurant, cafe and museum lifestyles.

There are some uneven moments and the plot demands the occasional suspension - perhaps stretching - of belief but overall I enjoyed this film a lot.

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