Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Autumn delight

We had lunch at North Bondi RSL Club last Sunday to farewell Ln who is off to Washington and New York for holidays. As clubs go, North Bondi has quite modest facilities which are no match for the larger 'Taj Mahals' elsewhere in Sydney.

What it does have is its location at the northern end of Bondi Beach and a reasonable kitchen producing quite acceptable meals which can be enjoyed overlooking a great view. This is how it all looked during our lunch. By the way for any overseas readers, notice Sydney's autumn weather; a mere 28ºc. No wonder the beach was well populated.

Inside the club, looking out

View of Bondi Beach from our balcony table

Looking into the club from our balcony table


  1. North Bondi! I have heard stories about that place.

  2. Agree with you totally. A great place, especially when those great afternoon breezes come in, and you're sitting on the balcony.

    1. That's right James but we had to move inside once the direct sun hit us mid afternoon.

  3. Victor, last week I saw with my students a film about Bondi Beach . It is a great beach. What about temperature is very nice in the autumn. It's typical temperature in my country but in the summer.

  4. Actually Gosia those temperatures were a bit above average for March in Sydney. It's been a bit cooler since then but still quite mild.