Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Smoke gets in my shower

Stepping into my shower before 6.30am earlier this week I noticed out of the window dark plumes of smoke filling the skyline.

An expensive motor boat, inevitably described in the news as a 'luxury cruiser' was on fire in Double Bay, a suburb adjacent to mine.

Sirens blared in the morning quiet as fire brigades, police rescue and ambulances rushed to the fire. There was a fear that other expensive boats might go up in flames but I don't know that any did. Nor have I heard that anyone was injured. One owner though must have been hurt by the loss of an expensive asset. Or maybe not. Insurance policy anyone?

Unusual excitement early on a Monday morning.


  1. I having pleasurable thoughts, like I get when I see a Mercedes and a BMW collide.

    1. Better still, a Ferrari and an Alfa Romeo.