Saturday, 1 February 2014

Saving Mr Banks

PL Travers (Emma Thompson) does her best to resist the efforts of Walt Disney (Tom Hanks) to secure the film rights to her book about Mary Poppins. The relentlessly argumentative and negative Mrs Travers is set against her book being 'Disneyfied' and the basis for her behaviour and attitudes become evident through flashback sequences.

'Saving Mr Banks' has been produced by Walt Disney Pictures so it comes as no surprise that its founder and idealogical inspiration comes across as squeaky clean with the patience of Job in the face of Ms Thompson's withering portrayal. I suspect that reality was not quite like that. The Company also misses no opportunity for cross promotion with marketable references to Disneyland and to the corporation's host of cartoon characters.

Nevertheless, the story of Mrs Travers' upbringing in Australia, its influence in the creation of the Mary Poppins character and the battles behind the production of the Mary Poppins film - battles which the end titles to this film demonstrate to have some basis in truth - make for a fascinating and entertaining film.

The acting is top notch throughout.


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  1. R saw the film last week and enjoyed it very much. Knowing little of her story, he found it quite fascinating.