Thursday, 27 February 2014


A security air marshall springs into action when he receives death threats against passengers whilst on a trans-Atlantic flight.

'Non-Stop' demonstrates that its mettle and style are all encapsulated in its title by diving straight into the plot without opening credits and then racing with increasing velocity to its somewhat fanciful climax. It is a reasonably thrilling trip with virtually every speaking cast member a suspect at some time or other before the eventual reveal of the perpetrator (or perpetrators).

The trip is best enjoyed with your brain power switched off else you notice and wonder over the canyon size plot holes and in that event this amounts to a superior thriller and 'who-will-dunnit'. I imagine, though, airlines will not rush to show this film on their flights.

Liam Neeson does his thing with a display of superhuman stamina. It is humorous to see that Downton Abbey's Lady Mary Crawley (Michelle Dockery) has survived into the 21st Century as a cabin steward. What an ironic fate for this former British aristocrat. Sadly (or fittingly) it falls to her to utter the film's most ridiculous line (in view of where it is placed in the plot) 'All passengers and crew accounted for, Sir'.

Fasten your seat belts, switch off your brain and you likely will enjoy the flight.

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