Tuesday, 18 February 2014


(Darlinghurst Theatre Company)

'Falsettos' is the current presentation by the Darlinghurst Theatre Company. This stage work is essentially a pair of one act musicals. In the first musical a husband leaves his wife to start a gay relationship. The estranged couple employ a psychiatrist to help their young son deal with this development only for the psychiatrist and the wife to start a relationship of their own. In the second musical, time has passed and the same characters are now joined by a lesbian couple. Preparations are underway for the son's bar mitzvah whilst the gay partner is diagnosed with AIDS. The musicals are set in the 1980s and are very New York Jewish in character.

The DTC staging is simplicity with a few chairs and open boxes providing the set and scenery. A sole pianist provides the music.

This is a very enjoyable production with outstanding performances from the seven cast members and the pianist. It is probably unfair to single out cast members but I feel I must mention Stephen Anderson (the Psychiatrist), Katrina Retallick (the wife), Anthony Garcia (the son) and Tamlyn Henderson (the husband) who really impressed.


  1. Victor sounds like a great play, now tell me is Ben Hall as cute as his photo looks?

    1. Disco, he is very cute and if, like me, you like lean bodies he doesn't have carry an ounce of fat on that gorgeous torso.

    2. I have to watch it definitely but the question is where and when. Let me see?

    3. Gosia, it is a stage production here in Sydney. I don't know whether it is being staged in Europe at the moment but if you get the chance to see it I hope you enjoy it as much as we did.