Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Travelling North

(Sydney Theatre Company)

David Williamson's 1979 play 'Travelling North' is being restaged at the moment by the Sydney Theatre Company.

The play is about a 70s something male and his relatively new 50s something partner moving north to  a warmer climate to set up home in the Australian state of Queensland leaving behind their adult urban rat race daughters and their families.

In this staging Bryan Brown is a good selection for the cantankerous male although for much of the play he looks a little bit too fit to be in the middling, soon to be terminal, poor health of his character. Alison Whyte is excellent as the partner.

For the most part Williamson's play, still in its late 1960s early 1970s setting, stands up remarkably well forty years on although some political and social references may go over the heads of today's younger audience members. Nevertheless the humour remains throughout.

The staging is minimalist but effective and the performances all very strong. A good start for the Sydney Theatre Company's 2014 season.


  1. I'm doing well thanks Victor! And I've been keeping up on everyone's posts :-)

    1. You are missed from the blogosphere but it is good to know you are well.