Friday, 10 January 2014

If I were straight......

As a born and bred gay man for whom females make treasured friends but nothing more in the below the waist department I would have great difficulty in nominating some (any?) as a person I could fall in love with....if I were straight.

OK, as a pre-teenager there was...

....Donna Reed but that really was a puppy love. We watched her weekly family comedy series on television and I imagined her as my mother or even in a gay fantasy imagined myself as her. Well, as her character, that is. Of course I never disclosed those thoughts to anyone. I was a naive child but not that naive.

Then as a teenager I possessed non-feeling feelings for...

...Shirley MacLaine. I suspect I had an intuition that this pixie of a woman was gay friendly and in a reprise of my 'love' for Donna Reed I think I wished I was MacLaine.

And then I grew up. Sort of.

I no longer wished I was a woman, or rather no longer wished I was some woman's character that attracted my fancy as the type of spirit I wished to be. If that makes sense.

But now? Oh, if I were straight I think I might actually fall in love with...

...Robin Wright. Former wife of Sean Penn. Whether it be in House of Cards or the recent French/Aussie film Adoration whenever Wright is on screen I almost, yes almost, feel some manner of stirring in my gay loins. Not many females have done that for me. Actually I can't think of any others. Maybe it is the blonde, mannish hairstyle, but there is definitely, almost, something there.....if I were straight.

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  1. I get the Donna Reed thing. What a perfect mother. I don't know Robin Wright, but yes, she could certainly be taken for pretty gay boi.