Sunday, 19 January 2014

Fiordland National Park

Morning on Sun Princess cruising the Fiordland National Park, NZ


  1. Hi Victor,
    I don't know how many cruises you have been on but I wanted to ask you were you able to take booze on board? Also do they have a soft-drinks charge?

    1. Disco, I'm not a drinker and didn't take much notice of the policy in regard to alcohol but from memory passengers could take one bottle on board. There were some conditions as to how/where that bottle could be consumed.

      The company charged for soft drinks but they had an arrangement where you could sign up for $5 per day for the duration of the cruise and then you could purchase unlimited quantities of soft drink. Under that arrangement they served you their concentrate version of coke, sprite etc. It doesn't taste like the genuine coke, sprite etc and it varied widely according to who served you but generally satisfied my addiction to fizzy drinks. If you wanted to have the real thing you had to pay more and for every drink ordered.