Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Beware the 'bergs

I renewed my membership at Bondi Icebergs Club today. As clubs go it is a great one to impress your guests or visitors. Not because of its facilities or services which, frankly as clubs go, are quite modest. No, it is the location right alongside Bondi Beach with that fantastic view up the beach and out to the sea that makes a visit here for the uninitiated such a memorable experience. Provided it is not too crowded that is, because it doesn't take too many people to crowd this small establishment. I have had to abandon a visit to the club with guests previously when unable to find anywhere that we could sit to enjoy drinks, let alone our intended meal.

As you see from my card I am a social member. That is distinct from an alternative membership that requires you to swim in the club's pool many times through winter, an activity that gave the club it's name and fame. I'm not fit enough, nor active enough, nor motivated enough to endure that burden. However, I very much enjoy my meals sitting on the balcony overlooking those members as they plough their way up and down the sea filled pool shown in this year's membership card.

For those of you possessing hefty wallets there is always the separate Icebergs Dining Room and Bar located above the club. It is very fancy indeed - from reputation, not personal knowledge - and is frequented by many international celebrity visitors to the country.

I'll stick with the Club.

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