Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Sux serves of fush and chups...

Yes, New Zealand here we come. As this is published we are scheduled to depart Sydney on a cruise around our Kiwi cousins and back. Thirteen nights and fourteen days as advertised; although the first and final days are 'quarter' days at best. We have eight stopping points.

I'll take my MacBook along and will try to post about the trip if internet access permits.

This is our means of transport;

Sun Princess


  1. Yes, bon voyage. A friend and her husband have just returned from a similar cruise. Although they were aware of the high cost and used the internet minimally, they still racked up a bill of $300.

  2. Oh yes, will you get some time on land for tramping?

  3. Bon Voyage, you won't get homesick as The Sun Princess comes with it's own Harbour Bridge by the look of that photo.