Monday, 23 December 2013

Art decor life

Today's port is Napier, destroyed by earthquake in 1931 and rebuilt in art deco style with its claimed 'largest collection of authentic 1930s building styles in the world'.

Local newspaper building

The port was very welcoming to the ship's visit with guides everywhere many dressed in period costume.

A small fleet of 1930s (or thereabouts?) cars was available for short drives and photo opportunities.

A Dixieland band, residents in period costume and the cars then appeared dockside to farewell us in the evening.


  1. Interesting that a visit by a cruise ship to Napier is such a big deal for locals. It has been a long time since I have been to NZ but my impression was that they catered for tourists much better than we do here.

    1. A good point, Andrew, not lost on us. We discussed amongst ourselves whether Australia is as welcoming to tourists and we concluded, without personal experience, that we probably are not.