Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Just travel

Not much to report today.

We departed the hotel by the side of Lake Titicaca driving through Puno City then on to nearby Juliaca to the local airport; a drive of about one hour.

The sign indicates it is an international airport but with only three domestic flights listed for the entire day and modest terminal facilities that title comes as a surprise.

Juliaca Airport
Our plane for the flight to Lima. You can see dark clouds gathering.

By the time we boarded it was raining and by take off time the Captain considered the winds excessive leaving us sitting on the tarmac for another half an hour or so. The wind wasn't noticeable to us passengers.

Eventually we took off arriving in Lima for our final night after an otherwise uneventful flight. After a week at altitude, it is a relief to be back at sea level.

Tonight our group is meeting for a farewell dinner. Tomorrow (Thursday, South American time) Hn and I fly home via transit stops in Santiago and Auckland. Through the magic of the International Date Line we miss Friday altogether arriving in Sydney (if on time) around 7.45am Saturday.

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  1. I was going to suggest that it is lucky it is not your birthday, but maybe you would quite happily skip a birthday.