Monday, 11 February 2013

Carnival in Cusco City

We may have missed the actual Carnival event in Rio de Janeiro but we found our single full day in Cusco City, once capital of the Inca Empire, coincided with their own Carnival style event.

Here are images of the day.

All manner of spectators, the man on the right is a policeman
All manner of vantage points
Um, I think they are in the wrong pageant

Side walk food 'stalls'
Queueing for free bottles of a new energy drink
Aside from the formal proceedings there are two traditional 'delights' that the watching crowd engage in. One is throwing water bombs at each other. The second is spraying others with shaving cream.

This masked man approached our group and sprayed shaving cream at...
...this man. He was not amused.
I was sprayed twice but thankfully not to the same extent.

There is one of these and a KFC here too.
Tomorrow we travel to Puno on the Andean Explorer. It is a ten hours long Orient Express train trip. From there we visit Lake Titicaca.

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