Sunday, 18 November 2012


(Belvoir Street Theatre)

'Medea' is a figure in Greek mythology. She married Jason (of 'Argonauts' fame) and bore him two sons. When Jason falls in love with another woman and announces he will take the sons to live with her and that he will send Medea back to her home town, Medea wreaks her revenge. She sends the lover a tainted garment which peels off all her skin killing her and her father who comes to her assistance. Expecting Jason to return to secure his own revenge, Medea kills her sons. A charming little tale.

Belvoir Street's interpretation of the tale is contemporary, set in the sons' bedroom where they have been locked whilst their parents argue unseen and unheard offstage. The only way we know about what is happening behind the scenes is from the brotherly banter between the boys as they play with their toys.

Their mother, Medea, makes several brief appearances mid play before returning for the final, emotional climax. The two sons played by Rory Potter (pictured) and Joseph Kelly are on stage the entire time. Aged, at my guess, about 9 and 13 respectively the two boys are exceptional. They are completely natural in their roles. Blazey Best performs superbly under the difficult circumstances of very limited stage time.

A very accessible interpretation of a classic tale.


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