Monday, 20 August 2012

Skywriting over Sydney

A skywriter - or maybe more than one - was kept busy writing messages in a gorgeous blue sky over Sydney yesterday.

This was a message being written at around 11.15am;

I don't know what the final wording was.

Later, around 2.30pm this message was being written;

The eventual message read 'Rhonda for PM'. I don't know of any politician named Rhonda, let alone one who aspires to be Prime Minister. Maybe the message had some other meaning?


  1. I'm amazed I think I know who Rhonda is. I did not watch last night's tv show about Kerry Packer, but the lass who played his secretary was also in a tv advert with the character name of Rhonda. I don't know what ad either. I expect it is Channel 9's publicity machine responsible for the sky writing.

  2. Fantastic Andrew, you just completed some other dots to a puzzle. I was checking Twitter (I know, I know) whilst watching 'Howzat' and wondered why Anthony Callea (the singer) was Tweeting about a 'Rhonda' when he clearly was referring to the secretary character named Rose. I wasn't aware of the advertisement. Now those Tweets make sense too.