Thursday, 19 January 2012

'I'm just going out for some milk'

'Just browsing....'

You know how sometimes you go down to the shops for something simple, like one bottle of milk, and somehow return a while later with all manner of unintended purchases like six family size blocks of chocolate and a lifetime's quantity of Double A batteries that won't last beyond the weekend? Oh, and no bottle of milk.

Well, I had one of those expeditions last Friday. Sort of.

Having done my good deed for the week setting up Ae's new laptop and internet connection for her in the morning, I thought I would check out shredders. I need to clear up decades worth of documents, many of which should be shredded to protect my privacy, so this was to be by way of an exploratory shopping trip.

Well there was a car dealership nearby and somehow seemingly directed by an unseen hand I emerged not from the office works store but the dealership less than an hour later with a brand new car. Well, I didn't actually have the car with me, but I had signed the purchase papers and given a deposit. And I collect the new car tomorrow.

I suppose it will come in handy when eventually I do purchase a shredder and have to bring it home.


  1. The deal was so good, you just couldn't say no.

  2. That's it Andrew. Like that character in the musical 'Oklahoma!', I'm just a girl who can't say no.

  3. I was going to say that unless you really have a lot of papers to dispose of, you could surely just take them somewhere where somebody has a shredder and use that. To buy one seems extravagant.

    That's before I got to the bit where you had bought a car instead.

  4. That's me Marcellous, I have to have the toy that someone else has.