Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Park outing

Every fifth week we take our Day Care participants on a short outing for lunch. We select a seniors friendly environment which provides the opportunity for some variety from their routine and hopefully exposes them to fresh air and sunshine.

The participants are usually reluctant to vary from the routine of the other weeks, often resisting suggestions for the outings, yet they almost invariably enjoy the outings once they are underway.

Today, for the first time, we tried  Lilies on the Park at Sydney's Bicentennial Park, a lovely serene and green oasis in the shadows of Sydney's Olympics precinct.

The park was pretty in the sunshine and dotted with cyclists, walkers and families relaxing by the ponds and on many of the grass verges.

I was impressed with Lilies which provided a nice array of meal options at quite reasonable prices. I suspect we'll be taking the group there again some time.

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