Friday, 2 September 2011

Naked disaster

We've seen it in Australia too. Extreme weather conditions bear down on the country and the television channels respond with 'Breaking News' complete with crosses to reporters 'risking life and limb' in the conditions to prepare viewers for doom and gloom falling little short of the end of the world. Notwithstanding that the loss and damage might prove significant the actual impact rarely proves as drastic as foreshadowed.

Hurricane Irene was going to do untold damage to the Eastern rim of the United States last week and indeed there was loss of life and very serious damage in places. Still the impact thankfully fell short of some of the dire predictions. Without making light of the impact for those who did suffer, I do find the following television report amusing. The reporter is working hard to convey the gravity of the situation and then is undone when bystanders come out to play. Nudity alert at the 40 second mark.


  1. Actually Andrew you led me to it indirectly. I followed your link to the Diana photograph and then explored some of the comments below yours on that site and found a website of one of the other commenters which contained this video. It was elementary my dear Andrew.