Thursday, 1 September 2011


Richard Fidler (ABC Radio)
Since rediscovering my iPod I have become hooked on listening to radio podcasts and viewing the occasional downloaded television program.

One of my favourite podcasts is the mid morning ABC Local Radio program Conversations with Richard Fidler which I gather originates from Queensland and whilst it is also broadcast here in NSW it apparently is not in Victoria where I gleaned from something Andrew posted that they have an equivalent program hosted by a Melbourne broadcaster.

Fidler is an excellent interviewer and invariably generates fascinating interviews even of subjects and matters that otherwise wouldn't necessarily interest me. He always seems to have done excellent research for his interviews and clearly has an excellent mind and knowledge which he uses brilliantly to enagage his interviewees in conversation that is never mundane.

As you can tell, I like his program.


  1. What did I say? But you are quite right. ABC Melbourne's Jon Faine broadcasts at high intensity from 8.30 till noon, with his own conversation hour from 11 to noon.

  2. Andrew, I can't find the mention now but I recall you writing in one of your posts that Jon Faine did the 11am conversation piece.