Friday, 19 August 2011

A tragic loss

(ABC News)

Condolences to the families and colleagues of  Paul Lockyer, John Bean and Gary Ticehurst whose lives have been cruelly taken prematurely in yesterday's helicopter crash.

The ABC News site records it's tribute to the three men.


  1. I heard the news last night, but I did not learn the details until this morning. I was scratching my head, Paul Lockyer. I knew the name but could not put a face to him. Then after seeing the tributes today, I realise I have been watching him on tv for decades. Perhaps the sign of a good reporter is that they don't intrude into a story. Of course nothing good comes from a a face on the tv without good background people, and it seems the other two victims were very good at their jobs too.

  2. Andrew - I have recognised Lockyer for years. He was a good looking man. To be honest I found him very attractive from his earliest days on television and so always paid careful attention whenever I saw him reporting.

    The tributes paid by their peers today clearly indicate that all three were held in the highest regard.

  3. Quite so Victor. Selfishly, I think he and his mates are a big loss to our ABC which is now on one of its many precipices. Yep, he was a hot enough dude. To use the vernacular of the nineties, I'd do 'im.

  4. I don't understand. Three good men going about their business, not hurting a soul, and wham! they die tragically in a total accident.

    Other turds like President Assad in Syria machineguns 2000 of his own citizens and will live to a ripe old age.

  5. Avete a cuore il club di rete? E 'esatto dire che siete qualcuno che in realtà gode del livello straordinario e notevole di adrenalina e di fervore che i giunti di gioco digitale vi darà?