Friday, 5 August 2011

To boldly go......

I wish I understood the Universe.

Can the Universe be infinite and yet be constantly expanding at the same time? Doesn't one cancel out the other? If it is expanding, what currently is in the space that the Universe is expanding into? And, if the Universe is finite wouldn't it have an edge; if so what would be on the other side?

That's all, just a thought.


  1. There must be an end somewhere but logic tells me to wonder what is on the other side? How can it not be more of the same?

  2. Perhaps the universe is everything that "is" and beyond it is infinite, empty space (but how can we know) and that is what the universe is expanding into.

    Who said the universe is infinite, anyway?

  3. My thoughts exactly, Andrew

    If no one else said the universe was infinite wcs then it must have been me!