Friday, 12 August 2011


You know those Chinese historical (hysterical?) dramas where people fly through the air and engage in all sorts of almost supernatural action in which one apparently overpowered individual overcomes impossible odds to escape hopeless situations?

Well Hanna might as well be one of those films except that it doesn't involve China.

In this western (ie not oriental) equivalent Eric Bana is teaching Saoirse Ronan survival skills in the frozen wastelands of the Arctic Circle. All this endeavour is aimed at combating 'she' who it turns out is a red headed, severe, Southern Belle, Cate Blanchett in her guise as a CIA Agent.

Implausibility piled upon further implausibility leads to the three of them confronting each other in faraway Berlin via Morocco with the denouement (irony upon irony) played out in a Grimms fairy tale theme park. How fitting!

It is best not to think too deeply about the plot. For example, Ronan has been raised entirely in the wastelands and has never seen electricity, so when she finds herself confronted with a boiling jug, ceiling fans, television and other electrical items she dissolves into a panicked attempt to silence their activity with a remote control. Now lets forget for a moment that Ronan suddenly knows that a remote control has to be pointed at an object but what follows is more implausible. Minutes later she is using a computer and searching Google, no less, for research.

So, be warned; Hanna is not reality but fantasy and as the latter it provides occasionally gruesome fun.

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