Saturday, 27 August 2011

Flying down to Palmo

Our days at 'Palmo' are coming to an end. As I blogged a few weeks ago, Hn has purchased a townhouse in Cammeray which she will move into late September. She has sold her home at Palm Beach and has a big farewell get together there next week but today she entertained those of us who supported her at the Cammeray auction with a barbecue lunch.

It was all very casual. Steak, chicken skewers, sausages and a range of salads on the back deck sneaking glances at the action on Pittwater in between gossip which mainly centred on the good old days. Well we are getting on in years, you know.

The sea plane service which operates between the Rose Bay base on Sydney Harbour and Pittwater was quite active with perhaps half a dozen take offs and landings whilst we munched. I captured a few snaps of one of the take offs.

(Click on photos to enlarge)

Building speed for take off
Gaining altitude and heading south for Rose Bay
Flying over the Saturday sail races
Hn thinks the flight time is about 30 minutes. I live near Rose Bay so my car journey is comparable but naturally far less direct than the flight path. On average my drive between home and Palm Beach takes about 55/60 minutes.

Sailing on Pittwater

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