Monday, 1 August 2011

Captain America: The First Avenger 3D

In 1943 a weedy Steve Rogers (Chris Evans' head and shoulders squeezed and attached to someone else's body in a piece of computerised abracadabra) is trying desperately to enlist in the war effort. It is a futile gesture given that, weedy body aside, Rogers possesses a cornucopia of medical afflictions guaranteed to fast track any candidate to immediate rejection.

Enter German refugee scientist Stanley Tucci who conveniently has invented a serum to turn weed into Hollywood Adonis and he has his eye on Evans as just the man suitable for conversion. A few pyrotechnics and voila Evans is converted into all bulging muscle. Sadly although his weedy persona trouser pants are now too short, the rest of the pants have stretched with Evans' body robbing keen eyed gay viewers of the sight of potentially the most interesting bulge of them all.

The new enhanced serum-injected Evans is now perfectly poised to battle with a Nazi arch villain, Australia's own Hugo Weaving, who has his own interests in nabbing the serum. Tommy Lee Jones provides a droll presence as the Colonel won over by the bulked up Evans.

As comic-cum-movies go Captain America: The First Avenger 3D is a superior example of the genre in part because of the humour which is often quite clever. The sequence where Evans is turned into a morale inspiring war time icon features all singing and dancing scenes that recall similar moments in MGM 1940s musicals; a reference that will go over the heads of the mostly young audiences this film targets.

No doubt there will be sequels although what form they may take is left hanging by a strange and extraordinarily abrupt ending.

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