Friday, 22 July 2011

Weekend in Ballina

I'm flying to Ballina this afternoon for Mt's 60th birthday. Ll and Fd are driving there from Brisbane this weekend and Rs and Gg will drive from Brisbane tomorrow morning.

According to my iPhone weather app I can expect it to be a couple of degrees warmer there than in Sydney and if the app symbols are accurate the weather will be sunny after today. I hope the app is correct. It is raining in Sydney at the moment for the fourth day in succession with the showers quite heavy at times.

The others are expecting me to come armed with my 1,000 plus photos from the European rivers cruise and will no doubt be secretly relieved when they discover I'm not bringing any. I haven't disciplined myself so far to set aside the time to sort and label those photographs.

I'm not certain what our activities will be over the weekend but Ll is always an excellent social secretary and I'll be happy to follow her lead.


  1. Did you actually get hard copy prints of those photographs, V?

    Why not bring them all on a thumb-drive? Or would no-one amongst you have a computer to view them on?

  2. No M I haven't printed any of the photos so far. It would have been easy to download my photos to a USB stick and we could have sat around the computer viewing them but I wanted to pick a selection of those I like the best rather than have them suffer through all the photos and I simply had not got around to making the selection.