Monday, 13 June 2011

What's in a degree?

It's strange how cold Sydney can feel. We have such mild temperatures in winter compared with other cities in Australia and overseas and yet I'm sure I've felt colder here than in those.

Yesterday I returned to Sydney after spending four days in Paris where on the last day the temperature was only a degree higher than here and yet whilst I walked around Paris feeling chilly but not frozen I felt really cold here and couldn't wait to get the heater and blankets out.

Perhaps it is the wind chill factor but yesterday the rain was pouring and I doubt there was any breeze let alone wind about.


  1. I thoroughly enjoyed your travelogue and photos. Will there be more now that you're back at your regular computer?

  2. Australian houses are pretty badly insulated so I definitely think it feels a lot colder back in Oz.

    It is wet, grey and 13 degrees in Helsinki today but I feel quite warm in the apartment where i'm staying (and even have the window open) because the apartment itself is quite well insulated and has hot water pipes running through the rooms keeping it at a comfortable temp..... I'd have the heater on and drinking soup back in Melbourne under similar conditions.

  3. Thanks Walt, I have many more photos and may inflict some on my blog readers in time! :)

    Ad Rad - I know what you mean.