Friday, 3 June 2011

Wertheim and Miltenberg

First stop today was at Wertheim situated along the River Main. Overlooking the town is the remains of the castle which was once the seat of the Counts of Wertheim. Our local guide stated that descendants of the Counts still are the dominant property owners today and that her husband pays his respects to the current 'Count' whenever they cross paths in the market square.

The town is often flooded and many buildings have markers indicating the height of major floods dating back 500 years. As this photo indicates the flooding can be severe (our guide was the woman wearing the hat).

The castle at the top of the hill
Part of the view from the castle of the town and the River Main

We sailed on to Miltenberg a short way down the river where hordes of locals were spending an unofficial holiday being the day between the Ascension Day holiday and Saturday. Miltenberg is another town with a Medieval times centre. The boat pulled up alongside little more than scrub and a track where two Combi vans were parked and their occupants had set up a campsite. One matronly looking Fraulein was sunning herself in a bathing suit and looked most put out at the monster vessel tieing up right alongside. She seem mollified at the news we were only there for five hours and would be departing at 7pm and returned to her sunbathing but now with a top over her costuume so as not to frighten any elderly passengers.

Aggrieved Fraulein and one of our sailors tieing up the boat

Miltenberg market square

Tonight we set sail for the River Rhine and Rudesheim.

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