Friday, 24 June 2011

Super 8

It is 1979 and a group of school students using Super 8 film is making a movie for entry into a competition. In order to improve their production standards and as a consequence their competition prospects they go on location to film besides a railway line at night where they inadvertently witness a train crash. The Air Force arrives to investigate the crash and their secrecy precautions raise questions as to their involvement and just what exactly they are concealing from the local community. The students make use of these developments to  continue their filming and at the same time turn detectives as they try to uncover the truth behind the crash.

Steven Spielberg is a Producer of this film which is as slick a production as you would expect from his involvement. The film cleverly manages the tightrope of targeting children and adults and so will probably have wide appeal.

The film maintains good suspense for most of it's duration especially whilst the eerie menace in the plot remains unseen. However very late in the film we get a good look at the menace and from that point the remainder of the film  loses much of the earlier quality and distinctiveness.

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