Thursday, 16 June 2011

Can anyone help?

Can anyone help me? This is a question for those, who like me, use Blogspot.

I've been unable to add any comments to my own blog since I returned home. I just get caught in an endless cycle of sign in requests when I try to publish a comment (or a reply to a comment) to any of my posts.

Does anyone else have this problem at the moment? Does anyone have a solution?


  1. Not happened to me, but if it did. I would log out of Blogspot and every thing associated with, Flickr, Yahoo, Google, G Mail, etc. Restart computer and log in.

  2. It use to happen to me when I tried commenting on your blog on my old mac using safari (never happened on anyone else's). I was ok using firefox though.

    Since, I've had my new mac, I haven't had any problems.

  3. Thanks for responses. Unfortunately clearing the cache didn't help, Adam. In the end I had to download Google Chrome (which I don't like) in order to enable comments on my own blog.

  4. moving to wordpress could help too ;)