Monday, 6 June 2011


We sailed through the night and morning arriving at Amsterdam at 2.15pm under grey skies and rain. Once berthed we were immediately transferred to a canal cruise and city tour whilst a second group were taken to the Van Gogh Museum.

Perhaps the Museum would have been the safer option as we found ourselves let loose amongst a riot of cyclists and trams both of which have/take complete priority over pedestrians.

Some photos...

A city built on the sea

At home on the canal

Canals and bicycles

Bicycle parking station

This woman was cycling across the path of moving trams when her cardigan fell to the ground from her shoulders. She quickly dumped her bicycle on the footpath and ran back into the path of another tram to retrieve the fallen garment. This photo doesn't indicate how fast that tram was moving towards the woman.

Sadly tonight is our last night on board the Amabella. The cruise has passed too quickly.

Tomorrow morning we will depart Amsterdam by coach at 8am and several comfort and meal stops later we are due to arrive in Paris at 5.30pm.

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  1. These photos all look remarkably like mine when we took a canal cruise in Amsterdam. Either a similar or the same path.