Tuesday, 31 May 2011


Overnight and this morning we sailed on to Nuremberg.

Until now we have been sailing 'uphill' against the flow of water heading east to the Black Sea. Each lock we have entered has lifted our vessel to a higher body of water.

Around 9am we crossed the Continental Divide; the highest point in the Main/Danube Canal that marks the point from where water in the Main River heads west into the North Sea and from where water in the Danube River heads east into the Black Sea.

That point is marked by this block of concrete...

From this point our vessel is lowered in each lock to the level of the subsequent body of water as we head for our eventual cruise destination, Amsterdam.

In the afternoon we docked at Nuremberg where we took what was referred to as the World War 11 tour. Essentially this consisted of a visit to the Zeppelin Field and the nearby Congress Hall. These were the locations for the Nazi Party's annual rallies held in the first week of September between 1933 and 1938. A young historian explained the rationale for these propoganda events and also described the post war military trials of senior Nazis that also took place in this city.

Later we spent an hour in the city centre and marketplace which was a relief from the dour look and content of the preceding tour and gave some indication of a more sociable and civilised side to the city.

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