Thursday, 12 May 2011

Not long now

I've been a bit quiet the past few days partly because of the cold weather that has hit Sydney with snow on the mountains to our west but more so because it is just over a week until we fly out for our European cruise. Just a week...and a day to go.

We lunched today with Jm who returned a few weeks ago from a similar trip and picked up some tips from his experience. We met at Drummoyne Sailing Club and had a great time gossiping over our meals and drinks.

We have often wondered the name of the harbour island just off shore from the club and time and again have failed to follow up with the answer. Judging from the Google Map of the location the island is Snapper Island.

None of us has ever correctly guessed that.


  1. Envy - I LOVE cruising - enjoy mister :)

  2. Someone, Julie?, wrote about Snapper Island recently.

    Wow, only a week until you get squashed onto a flying machine.

  3. Have a fantabulous time on your cruise and may the temperatures and weather be cooperative to give you a vacation to remember.