Thursday, 5 May 2011

Looking back on the past few postings, it seems I missed a crucial piece of information between embarking on an enquiry mission about dongles to bringing home new toys and that was I forgot to mention that I unexpectedly purchased a lap top. I say unexpectedly because I had no intention of doing anything but make enquiries but once confronted with so much gleaming technology I couldn't resist diving right in and buying something. That something was a HP Lap Top looking something like the one above.

This is my first venture into wireless operations and after a slow start I am making progress. My wireless connection is clearly slower than what I have with my desktop PC which I put down to a different ISP for my Lap Top. I have started off by using Optus but if the first days are to judge by I will prefer to return to the dreaded Telstra who with all their faults have provided a much faster and stronger connection.

Oh well, can't have everything I suppose.

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