Tuesday, 17 May 2011

The Fang

I had lunch with Kn today at the Golden Fang on City Road next to Broadway. He eats there on average two/three times a week. It's location across the road from his job at Sydney University makes the restaurant very convenient for him.

I'm tempted to think that the owners named the restaurant tongue in cheek with 'fang' being popular Australian slang for someone who has a big appetite but no doubt the reality is the more mundane likelihood that Fang is the name of someone connected with the business.

As the photo indicates, the restaurant is not flash in appearance nor is the quality of the food necessarily five star but the meals, served on plastic plates, are tasty, the service is fast and the prices are low, low, low. I've only ever eaten there at lunchtimes and the restaurant has always been heaving with customers who by their appearance are mostly Asian students.

Kn ordered chicken in soy sauce whilst I, showing singular lack of imagination, also ordered chicken, mine in satay sauce. Both dishes were massive, more than enough for the most voracious fang.

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