Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Pick me! Pick me! Pick me!

Have you ever wondered whether you are in the line of succession to the throne of any country? No? Neither have I.

I stumbled across a Wikipedia entry for the line of succession to the British throne. As we know Wikipedia knows everything about everything. The site lists the first two thousand five hundred and sixteen people in the line of succession. Yes that's 2516! Actually there are even more names than that listed but some are crossed off or otherwise listed in a tangent outside the line. For example Princess Margaret Rose is crossed off because she rather thoughtlessly went and died. So did HRH Prince Wilhelm of Prussia who otherwise would be 365th in the line. Also off the list is HRH Prince Michael of Kent who did something worse than dying, he married a Roman Catholic. But for that heinous occurrence he would be 37th in the line.

So who is 100th in the line? None other than HRH Peter, the Hereditary Prince of Yugoslavia. Wow, he is the Prince of a country that no longer exists for a throne long ago abolished but he is still 100th in line for the British throne and (I assume) Australia's too.

What about the 1,000th in the line? That is one Nicholas Nilert who turns 20 this year. No, I've never heard of him either but someone of that name has a Facebook account and lists his interests as Skiing and Ullr (look it up!). We better wrap him in cotton wool just in case we need him to be our monarch some time in the future.

And who needs 2515 living people to be bumped off without any of them producing any further issue in order to be the future monarch of Britain and Australia? That honour goes to Karin Vogel who turns 28 this year and therefore potentially has many years of monarchy left in her. Now if that Karin Vogel is the same person who is the subject of this Facebook account then I can only hope that the bearded gentleman in the photograph with her is a virgin.

God Save The Queen!


  1. An interesting link, as I note Swedish Prince Carl-Phillip is quite high on the list. The Duke of Edinburgh is 522th in line to the thrown which is a little high for my liking.

  2. I take great offence at your light hearted treatment of this subject. I understood I was around five hundred and something. Apparently not. My father did not normally lie.

  3. James- I'd prefer Carl-Phillip on his looks alone rather than most of the others.

    Bad luck Andrew, but there still is that hereditary throne in Yugoslavia.

  4. 2516? Not sure about that one... definitely not more than 100 listed. Oh wait. Were you trying to be "funny"? HAHAHAHA

  5. Tom, there is an internal link on the Wikipedia link I provided that lists 5753 names in order as compiled by a David Lewis.