Sunday, 10 April 2011

Meet me in the Laneway....

...sounds like an invitation to a fight which, being the coward I something I would run a mile from. In fact it was the suggested lunch location in Cammeray yesterday.

The venue was suggested by My for our lunch with Le. I was the boss of them both in a former life when I was...check that...when I thought I important manager in a Commonwealth Department. My continues to work away in that Department whilst Le, like myself, passed on to retirementland years ago but in her case she has also relocated to the Central Coast. I had not seen Le since the mid 1990s we realised over our pre-lunch coffees. Gee that's a long time ago.

I continue to be in regular contact with My who remains an occasional companion for cinema/theatre visits, the last of which being that thrilling evening at the You Tube Symphony Orchestra concert a few weeks ago.

I ate an acceptable Club Sandwich which was accompanied by the ubiquitous bucket load of 'french fries'. My ate a Salt and Pepper Squid whilst Le selected a toasted foccacia of (to my observation) indeterminate filling. My and I polished off our meals whilst Le left half her foccacia on the plate. I never asked whether that was because Le's appetite was sated or the meal was lacking.

Later we wandered across to the nearby new shopping/dining centre for a post lunch coffee and cake, not that there was anything wrong with what was on offer at the Laneway but for the change of scenery.

Cammeray is an interesting suburb. It has all the trappings of inner city affluence combined with a sleepy, slow moving atmosphere that made me feel like I was in the countryside despite the endless traffic bustling nearby.

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  1. Not heard of Cammeray. Had to look it up. Pockets like that are nice. Melbourne has a few.