Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Handsome exercise

I spent a short time walking in Centennial Park today. I've been meaning to resume some daily walking for...oh well, it must be years now...for exercise, for health purposes preparation for my European holiday next month when I expect a lot of walking will be on the agenda.

And so with the holiday just a small single figure number of weeks away I finally performed the deed. Everyone says walking is good exercise and it was quickly obvious how much I need it. I was short of breath only minutes after the start when I loped gently up some steps. Boy am I unfit.

I must keep at it or else suffer embarrassment keeping up with the others when we are away. Certainly exercise in the park comes with one considerable inducement.

Rangers and gardeners abound including some handsome examples at least one of whom was working away just where I enjoy my the bushes.


  1. That would be a prickly place for any encounter.

  2. Still mulling over appendage synonyms, Andrew?