Friday, 1 October 2010

A thousand miles from care...

We ventured into Muzbot territory today visiting Manly.
The Lady Northcott pulls into Circular Quay and we are waiting to board it for the 11.30am service to Manly.

Our destination, Manly Wharf. This photo taken after we have had our lunch.
We had lunch at the Manly Sailing Club which is around the cove from the wharf.
After lunch we walked down The Corso to Manly Beach on the oceanside. It was cold and windy at the beach. The workers are erecting one of the stages for this long weekend's Manly Jazz Festival.
The view from the stern of the 2.45pm ferry service to Circular Quay. A speedier catamaran service is ranging up and will shortly overtake us whilst another Manly ferry is heading to Manly in the distance.
A family admires the Sydney Opera House as we turn into Circular Quay near the end of our journey.


  1. I have to click and enlarge nearly every photo you display to check for 'nice scenery'. Alas, none in this post.

  2. Andrew - I'll try to improve the scenery for you next time.

  3. Love the pics. I went to Australia for the first time Nov & Dec 2009 and fell in love with Sydney and Melbourne especially. Today I was actually wearing my manly t-shirt which I bought when visiting.

  4. Thanks BosGuy - nice coincidence