Thursday, 28 October 2010

Shop till you drop

Just what we needed. Stage 1 of Westfield's new flagship shopping centre in Sydney - imaginatively named Westfield Sydney - opened today. One hundred and thirty retail and food outlets with hundreds more to be opened progressively over the next two years.
I expected a largely empty centre when I arrived less than thirty minutes after the opening but found instead hordes of people in suits congratulating themselves on their contribution and fellow seniors like myself treating themselves to a day's outing. Not everyone dressed up for the occasion.
Construction workers had a ball soaking up the atmosphere and getting a little shopping done on the side.
Taking up every vantage point.
Checking out all the levels.
A senior settling in for the day.
Information staff were everywhere helping direct visitors. This especially cute guide was scandalously under-utilised so I stalked him with spurious queries until I was overcome with embarrassment at my brazen behaviour.
Other visitors relied on their mobile phones for directions.
I'll take a look at the media coverage and the food court over the next couple of days.

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