Monday, 25 October 2010

Life As We Know It

Does it seem like Groundhog Day to Katherine Heigl every time she starts filming a new movie? It should. Her films are starting to form a pattern. Attractive woman finds herself in a relationship with the anithesis of her ideal man only to fall in love with him at the end.
Sorry. I have given away the premise of the pompously titled 'Life As We Know It' which is not as one might consider a David Attenborough nature documentary but what Hollywood nowadays regards as a romantic comedy. Actually if you have seen a Heigl movie in the past it is exactly what you'd expect. This is at least the fourth movie, following on from 'Knocked Up', '27 Dresses' and 'The Ugly Truth' where the poor woman is having trouble finding a permanent relationship. Can someone offer her a role as a serial murderer or an inspirational athlete with disabilities...or anything break the mould into which she is being stereotyped?

The setting this time for what I will now name the Heigl premise is that she and the impossibly pretty Josh Duhamel - he wearing the underpants in the poster - find themselves the unwilling and unprepared joint legal guardians for a recently orphaned baby. I can watch Duhamel in anything - especially when he is wearing only underpants - because I find his prettiness very attractive but he is also becoming 'pigeon-holed' in this type of mild romantic comedy which provides a few - too few - chuckles. Sadly his screentime in underpants is briefer than the pair he wears.

Unsurprisingly, the baby steals the movie.


  1. I suppose it's to be expected. War movies are about war, action films are full of action, sci-fi is otherworldly. And chick flicks are about beautiful women finding true love with an equally beautiful guy. Sigh. It's normal. It's the way of the world. It's (wait for it) life as we know it.

    Hehehe, I couldn't resist... :)