Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Yellow suitcase

Just one more post related to the tenth anniversary of the Sydney Olympics; I promise!

I'd forgotten until late this morning that I still have the little yellow souvenir suitcase that was placed on every seat in the Olympic Stadium for the Opening Ceremony of the Sydney Olympics. I've dragged it down from the top of the cupboard, dusted it down and here are a couple of photos.

(Click photos to enlarge)
The labels came with the suitcase.
The contents include a souvenir program for the games, souvenir programs for both opening and closing ceremonies, green and gold socks (never worn), small yellow torch, a wrist band with flashing lights (the lights still flashed today!), various adhesive games related labels and a numbered ceremonies card; my unique number being 45,307. Presumably there were about 110,000 of these cases as that was the approximate seating capacity of the stadium.

I suppose this package might prove valuable one day.


  1. 110,000 of them. Well, not a great financial investment but what a memento to treasure. I don't recall them at all, so it is great that your pulled open your old drawers and got it out to show us. Hard to believe it was ten years ago. Even Melburnians felt very proud of Sydney.

  2. What a great keepsake! I love having things like this.