Tuesday, 21 September 2010

The Trial

Last night Mk and I saw 'The Trial' adapted from the Franz Kafka novel and presented by the Sydney Theatre Company.

Junior Bank Manager Josef K (Ewan Leslie) wakes one morning to find that he is under arrest for an unspecified offence by unknown accusers. Initially Josef is confident that he will be exonerated from the baseless unstated charges but he soon finds himself descending into an endless spiral (or should that be 'spin' given this production's set design) unable to overcome the illogical and endless hurdles that he confronts.

I wasn't looking forward to the play expecting something dour and bleak but found that the play contains plenty of humour even as Josef gradually disintegrates when solutions to his plight prove frustratingly elusive. Leslie is a convincing victim and excellent in the role.

I enjoyed the play but Mk was not impressed.

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