Sunday, 26 September 2010

Sydney Life

Sydney Life is a photographic exhibition and competition; a part of Art and About in which enlarged photographs representing life in Sydney are on display in Hyde Park.
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Here are few of the 22 finalists that appealed to me when I visited the exhibition yesterday.
'Based on a True Story' by Ernest Fratczak

'The Five Ways Theatre' by James Hill

The Five Ways is a village type intersection of five streets located about a kilometre from where I live. I drive through it about three times a week on my way to work at the hospital in the same direction as the cyclist pictured. The site of the old Five Ways Cinema is not in Hill's photograph - but around the corner - and it closed decades ago. An up market supermarket operates on that site nowadays.
'Anzac Day 2010' by Stephen Weissner

'Cronulla to Central' by Andrew Quilty

Cronulla is a southern suburb and Central refers to Central Railway station, Sydney's main railway station. The Cronulla to Central line extends into the Eastern Suburbs line which includes my home station at Edgecliff.
'The Osman Family, Southerly Storm Approaching Brighton Beach' by Tom Williams

A typical scene late on a hot summer's day in Sydney. The body of water is Botany Bay. Sydney Airport is located on the western edge of the bay.


  1. Good choices all. The Five Ways is probably my favorite, if I disqualify the other two. You know which two I'm talking about. ;)

  2. Five Ways Theatre is wonderful. I want it.

  3. That was my favourite, too.

  4. That is apart from the other two.

  5. Andrew and Martin - I love Five Ways too.

    The winning photograph was one which I didn't include in this post but I will post shortly.

  6. You didn't include the pic of Carmen on her gopher down Elizabeth Street.....what a shame.

    She lives around the corner from me and i have noticed she is also on one of the banners adorning Oxford Street. Have you seen the giant penny farthing sculpture made up of old bikes in Martin Place? Also luv the statues in their new clothes...