Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Just an ordinary man...

Former Prime Minister, Paul Keating, has beaten a traffic charge. Two policemen charged that Mr Keating drove through a red light whilst Mr Keating argued that the light was not red.

Magistrate Carolyn Barkell found reasonable doubt and dismissed the allegation. From media reporting it appears the reasonable doubt was that two policemen said he did it and Mr Keating said that he did not.

Mr Keating said afterwards, ''I think it's important that ordinary people in the community, having received an infringement notice for an offence they didn't commit, basically understand that the system isn't weighed against them and they are entitled to have the courage of their convictions. And I hope some social good will flow from today's outcome.''

Maybe I am cynical but would the ordinary person receive the same benefit of doubt for their word against that of two policemen or was Magistrate Barkell just a teensy weensy bit influenced that the ordinary man in this case was a former Prime Minister?

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  1. Of course an average citizen would recieve the treatment, don't be so cynical!*

    *insert healthy dose of sarcasm.