Thursday, 2 September 2010

Ballast Point

Andrew has written about Ballast Point here which reminded me that I visited the point as it turns out almost exactly a year ago on 10 September 2009.

I posted about my visit to the area the next day without me realising that my visit there included Ballast Point and without me posting any pictures that I had taken at the point. Funnily enough Muzbot even asked me if I had visited the point and I said that I didn't know anything about it!

Well, in his post Andrew asks 'who is silly enough to put photos up on the net for me to steal? I am and here they are from that unknowing visit last year.


  1. Very good. The sandstone blocks are wonderful. I am confused by the first photo. The location seems to be on the wrong side of the harbour.

  2. Can we discuss this chaps? I think some of these photos that Victor has uploaded are of the Mort Dry Dock just which is inside Mort Bay whereas Ballast Point sort of encloses Mort Bay. See where those trees are in the middle distance? Walk around to there and keep going and turn to the leftish and you will be on Ballast Point. Between BP and the SHB is Goat Island but you cannot see it in any of Victor's photos. The first two photos are of the MOrt DD, but I do not recognise the third photo.

  3. Thanks Julie.

    Looks like I was correct the first time when I told Muzbot that I didn't know Ballast Point!

    I'll have to explore further than the Mort Dry Dock.